Art Practice to co-sponsor New York film premiere of The Quay Brothers new film.


The Quay Brothers shooting “UN)MISTAKEN HANDS: EX VOTO F.H.,” April 2013 (Image courtesy of the Quay Brothers)

ART PRACTICE is proud to be among the departments sponsoring the New York premiere of The Brothers Quay new film UN)MISTAKEN HANDS: EX VOTO F.H.” on November 5th 3-5:45pm in the SVA Ampitheater 309 East 23rd St, Room 311. Organized by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve (AP Faculty) 

The event is free and open to the public. 

Pioneering animators, the Quay Brothers, will arrive in New York on November 5th for the New York premiere of “[UN] MISTAKEN HANDS, EX-VOTO F.H.” 2013 at the School of Visual Arts (Ampitheater 209 East 23rd, room 311) literally days after completing and screening it at the Wexner Center. Based in London, and rarely in the United States, the Brothers Quay have spent the month of October at the Wexner finishing the film as part of the Wexner Center Artist Residency Award in film and video for 2013-14. SVA is lucky to snatch them for an afternoon before they disappear back to London.  

Best known for their stop-motion animated films (Street of Crocodiles, 1986, The Cabinet of Jan Svankmeyer, 1984 and In Absentia, 2000 (made in collaboration with Karlheniz Stockhausen), and feature film, Institute Benjamenta (1995), starring Star Trek borg Alice Krige, the Quay Brothers were the subjects of a major retrospective at MOMA last year, curated by Ron Magliozzi where there astonishing work in illustration and the graphic arts, set design for opera, dance, theater, TV commercials, music videos, sculpture and the exhibition of dreamy exquisite vitrines of their puppet theaters called DORMITORIUM, introduced afficiando and public alike to the Quays as major artists above and beyond their brilliant reputation for animation. 

“UN) MISTAKEN HANDS: EX-VOTO F.H.” is a stop-motion puppet film based on the short stories of the unacknowledged “father of magic realism,” Uruguayan author, Felisberto Hernández. The Quays’ film will explores the inner worlds created by this “South American Bruno Schulz” as well as serve as an “ex-voto portrait” of the writer who Gabriel Garcia Márquez claimed “taught me that the most haunting mysteries are those of everyday life.” Although his work was championed by Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar & Italo Calvino, Felisberto Hernández still remains an obscurity in world literature. “UN) MISTAKEN HANDS: EX-VOTO F.H.” continues the Quay’s uncanny cohabitation with beloved literary texts as in their previous work with Bruno Schultz, Robert Walser and Stanislaw Lem.  

The film’s score was composed & performed by Timothy Nelson.

This film was funded by the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, supported by the Fundación Felisberto Hernández, & is a collaboration between the Atelier Koninck QBfz & pro bono film.

Also to be screened:

Maska, 2010 based on a Stansilaw Lem’s story.


Sponsored by: MFA Art Practice, MFA Fine Arts, BA Fine Arts, Art History, MFA in Computer Arts, and BFA Film