Jae Wook Lee (MFA AP14) recently received the SeMA Emerging Artist Grant which is worth $13,000.00 U.S. dollars to go towards a solo show in the Seoul Museum of Art this summer, 2016. Pictured above are stills from Jae’s performance series “I will move through air / A Woman Who Taught Me How to Write in Her Dreams / Is The Reader Outer Space?” from the 4th SINAP artist solo exhibition.  Congratulations Jae!!


Check out this review written by Jae Wook Lee (MFA AP14) for TK-2 about the show Accompaniment at the EFA Project Space. The show features work of Duane Linklater, Kara Hamilton, and other international artists.

I approach the body as a performing agent that generates meanings in contemporary culture and art.
— JaeWook Lee (MFA AP14)