MULTIPLE AP FACULTY FEATURED in the October issue of The Brooklyn Rail


The October issue of The Brooklyn Rail might as well be characterized as an Art Practice issue since it is so full of interviews and writing by Art Practice faculty. Not only is Thyrza Nichols Goodeve (AP Faculty) featured as the issue’s Guest Editor but Alexis Rockman (AP Mentor) and Ernesto Pujol (AP Faculty) are featured in lengthy interviews.

Art Practice is also pleased to announce that critic Ben Davis (AP Mentor), is interviewed for the issue by Wendy Vogel. Davis discusses his new book 9-5 Theses on Art and Class (Haymarket, 2013), which is a collection of essays drawn from his writing for Davis caused a stir in 2010 when his polemical essay “9.5 Thesis on Art and Class” was first published online. Referring to himself as an activist and a writer, he asks the art community (he doesn’t like the phrase “art world” because “the truth is, art is not a world unto itself. Art is part of the world”) to place class and issues of labor, rather than only critiques of the market, at the center of our discussions of art. 


Alexis Rockman, The Bronx Zoo, 2013

Alexis Rockman, also a newly appointed Mentor for the Art Practice program, currently has two shows up in New York City: Rubicon at Sperone and Westwater, and Drawings from the Life of Pi, at The Drawing Center. In his conversation with John T.D. Neil, he discusses his long interest in issues of environmental catastrophe in light of the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Rockman recently spoke at The Drawing Center with animal studies pioneer Cary Wolfe and the Belgian philosopher Vinciane Despret on the topic of Animal Vision. The discussion focused on Rockman’s work with the director Ang Lee on the Hollywood film Life of Pi.