Ezra Hubbard (AP '19) at Van Der Plas Gallery

Ezra Hubbard (AP ‘19) presents Between Reflection & the Shadow, opening July 17th at Van Der Plass Gallery.


Ezra Hubbard’s Between Reflection and the Shadow is  an investigation into the places between an object and the mind’s influence on what it sees. In this time when accepted knowledge is being questioned and re-evaluated, Hubbard asks us to even consider our process of perception because seeing is no longer believing.

Ezra, a third-year Art Practice participant, is a sculptor and interdisciplinary artist whose work is held in private collections across the country and has been shown in various galleries. He is currently based in Palm Beach, Florida,  Santa Fe, New Mexico, & New York City, NY.

Van Der Plas Gallery is located at 156 Orchard Street, New York City, NY.