MFA Art Practice Online Info Session Rescheduled for 11/15

The MFA Art Practice Online Information Session, originally scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, has been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 15 at 6:30pm.

Choosing an MFA program, or even whether or not to pursue a masters of fine arts, is a very important decision. Those of us on the MFA Art Practice team are committed to helping you make that choice. But tomorrow, we all have a far more important choice to make, a choice about the future of our country.

Please, don't come to the MFA art practice online info session tomorrow (it's canceled). Vote! Or, if you voted earlier in the day, compulsively refresh the New York Times website, or watch the election coverage at a local bar while crying quietly into a beer (if you order a Budweiser you can literally cry into America).*

This evening, we urge you to take a break from your diligent research on MFA programs and take the time to read up on your local candidates. Put down the latest Artforum and google map your polling place. Stop yarn bombing your block for a moment and encourage your neighbors to vote. 

If we're being honest, we are shocked and ashamed that it took us until the day before election day to realize our scheduling blunder. After all, we know that artists today don't operate in a vacuum. It's more important than ever that we engage socially and politically on a local, national and global level. So while the MFA art practice team is more than happy to answer your questions about the program, give you a tour of our facilities, or just chat about art and theory, we know that tomorrow we all have more important things to do.

*To our international friends: as you may have heard, our country is going through some stuff right now. We're dealing with it. Really.